Privacy Policy

HK Progressive Group recognizes the importance of your privacy. This privacy policy statement ("this Privacy Statement") explains how personal data is collected by HK Progressive Group.

Please read this Privacy Statement carefully. If you apply to become a HK Progressive Group Member in Hong Kong, use the website. It indicates that you have read and understood this Privacy Statement and agreed to how personal data are collected and used as provided in this Privacy Statement, subject to your explicit consent as regards to your personal data being used for the purpose of Direct Marketing. Please note that the HK Progressive Group websites including website may contain links to websites located in other countries, for which foreign personal data protection laws may apply. You should regularly visit to find out whether this Privacy Statement has been modified. However, if the modification concerns how HK Progressive Group will collect and use your information (including your personal data) ("Data"), we will ask for your consent prior to any modified use.

1. Collection of Data and its purposes When you apply to become a HK Progressive Group Member, you may have to provide with HK Progressive Groupyour Data which consists of one or more of the following: Your name, gender, date of birth, Hong Kong Identity Card Number, Certificate of Incorporation Number, proof of directorship/ownership of companies/businesses, Business Registration Number, bank details, contact details (postal address and mobile phone number) and email address (collectively ‘Data’). It is optional and voluntary for you to supply such Data. However, if you fail to provide the Data to us, we will not be able to process your orders or respond to your enquiries. All Data provided by you must be true and accurate. By supplying the Data to HK Progressive Group voluntarily, you agree and understand that any and all of the Data you provide to HK Progressive Group will be collected and used for the following purposes: - for verification of identity and record; - to store communication contacting details; - for processing of your orders; - for collecting payment, processing of any payment instructions and direct debit fees; - for internal monitoring, including calculating any amount you should receive or owe, making payment to or requesting payment from you, and collecting any fees or enforcing guarantee granted to or granted by the users; - for implementing HK Progressive Group’s obligations under any agreements entered into between you and HK Progressive Group; and - to implement your instructions, respond to your enquiries or those made in your name, and to provide efficient and responsive service.

2. Direct Marketing In addition, if you have explicitly given your consent to HK Progressive Group, its parents or subsidiaries in writing upon applying for HK Progressive Group Membership or any time thereafter, HK Progressive Group, its parents, or subsidiaries may use your name, gender, date of birth, and contact details (postal address(es), email address(es) and phone number(s)) (‘Marketing Data’) for the following Direct Marketing purposes: - for analysis and for comparison with others' Marketing Data in order to develop HK Progressive Group products or services and market promotion programs; - to provide information to you on HK Progressive Group and various products and services of HK Progressive Group in relation to the HK Progressive Group Loyalty Program, including but not limited to seminars, workshops, events, discounts, benefits, advantages, new country opening, anniversary celebrations, the marketing and promotion of the HK Progressive Group Loyalty Merchants, and the discounts and benefits that such HK Progressive Group Loyalty Merchants offer. HK Progressive Group or its parents/subsidiaries will not use any of your Marketing Data for Direct Marketing purposes, and will not transfer your Marketing Data to third parties for Direct Marketing Purposes unless with your express written consent. Even if you have given such consent to HK Progressive Group, you may elect to stop receiving any Direct Marketing materials/communications at any time by emailing with your name, Member ID, contact phone number, and the word ‘unsubscribe’ as the subject of the email. No administration fee will be charged for such action.

3. Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance HK Progressive Group complies with Hong Kong laws including the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in its policy and the ways it collects, uses, stores, discloses, transfers, protects and accesses Data.

4. Retention, storage and disclosure of Data You hereby acknowledge, agree and authorize us to retain and store the Data you provide in the database of HK Progressive Group in Austria and Liechtenstein, and to provide, disclose, provide access of and transfer such Data, for purposes listed in paragraph 1 above other than Direct Marketing except with your explicit written consent, to: - Loyalty Merchants, if necessary to provide you with a service relating to the HK Progressive Group Loyalty Program, anyone who or any legal entity which has confidentiality obligations towards HK Progressive Group; - HK Progressive Group's employees; any contractor, agent or others or legal entity, or any third party which provides administrative, telecommunication computer, payment, insurance, professional or other services to HK Progressive Group and is engaged by HK Progressive Group for the above purposes on collection of Data or relevant to the above purposes on collection of Data; - your Recommending Person (your name, mobile phone number, email address, and some of your HK Progressive Group business statistics) for the purposes of your Recommending Person understanding the calculation of the HK Progressive Group benefits he receives which are derived from your purchasing activities. - anyone that HK Progressive Group has to make disclosure to in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws, government policies or regulations; - anyone who reasonably requires HK Progressive Group to make the same disclosure in order that HK Progressive Group can implement the purposes listed in this Privacy Statement. HK Progressive Group shall ensure that all entities to whom the Data are disclosed or made available shall be subject to confidentiality obligations. You hereby agree that HK Progressive Group can disclose your Data in the following reasonable and necessary circumstances: - in compliance of relevant laws; - to execute or implement any terms of HK Progressive Group's users agreement; - to protect HK Progressive Group's and its users' rights, property or interests; or - in compliance with this Privacy Statement.

HK Progressive Group will also make available some of your HK Progressive Group business statistics, which would not contain any of your Data such that the statistics will in no way identify you, to HK Progressive GroupÕs Merchants or any other third parties, for negotiation/maintenance of the business relationship between HK Progressive Group and the Merchants or any such third parties.

Governing law

This Privacy Statement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.