About Us

It was in 1971 when 16 CEOs of export trading companies met together for lunch and took this historical decision to unite and form a monthly luncheon group. The idea was to share information of a general nature to safeguard everybody’s interest and forewarn each other of the potential risks in dealing with certain import markets.

The membership continued to grow and soon we started organizing various cultural activities involving spouses and children. What started as a small business luncheon group came to be known as a very close knit family group. Our Valentine dinners, Diwali celebrations and Christmas parties became the talk of the town with active participation from members and their families.

Forty six years have passed by and some of those children are now full fledged members of this group. Alongside its founding members there now exists a new contingent of young blood, with new ideas and concepts. Our youth have some brilliant ideas to hold the community together in one embrace and set noble ideals before our next generation for they shall be our torch bearers to hold the Trust of the founders.

It is our ongoing vision to provide an unbiased avenue for social integration of the entire Indian Community.

Lunch meetings are either hosted in Ballroom venues when guest speakers are invited to provide insight on a variety of germane topics or at one of the many new and trendy restaurants on either side of the harbor to provide a conducive environment for members to mingle and catch up with each other.

The Group does not raise funds for any charity events, enter into politics or promote any religious sect. To each his own and while together, we are all equal.

We would like to believe that we have succeeded in narrowing the generation gap and uniting the Indian community as a whole. The dream of the founders has been fulfilled to a great extent and our pursuit for ever increasing harmony shall continue with every new generation.

We look forward to providing all our members with the platform to be true to these ideals and in that Progressive Spirit, to grow as one Family.